Basic Game Description

The TPL uses the IFPA linear scoring format.  This allows for any number of players to participate.  The scoring will be done using a custom web based spreadsheet.  At D&D Pinball, 8 machines will be picked at random with 2 machines as backup.  Any other guest hosting will use the 6 pin minimum, up to 8 pins.  Each member will have the list sent to them about a week in advance to allow for practice.  There will be a 1-hour warm-up from noon to 1.  The event will begin at 1.  After that time, players will play each game one time for a score.  Games will not be replayed for a score, but any replays or matches may be used by that player for fun or left for another member to use.  However, the first score is the only one that counts.  Do not start a replay before recording and signing for your score.


Season Ranking

The IFPA linear scoring format awards 100 points for the top score on a machine, 93 for second, 88 for third, and 85, 84,… beyond that.  These points will be totaled for each event and divided by the number of machines used.  That value will be the player’s season point value from that event.  Those season points will be totaled throughout the season.  That will determine the season ranking.  After each event, the event ranking will be submitted to IFPA.  IFPA will award WPPR’s based on events, but those do not weigh on the TPL season standings.  TPL standings are for trophies and IFPA standings are for world and in-state rankings.



One goal of the TPL is to be IFPA approved.  Each event will be submitted to the IFPA and points will be awarded to members based on their standing.  IFPA 5.3 rules are new for 2018.  Refer to the IFPA section explaining the new point value for a better explanation.  See the IFPA section on leagues for more information.

IFPA points count towards an international ranking as well as a state ranking.  In each state, the top 16 players will compete for the state championship.  Arizona rankings are found at:

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